TV & Other Media:

Music for trailers, commercials, TV and other media composition is sometimes filmscoring where You write directly to the picture, and sometimes more "free" composition where You write for the editing. It allmost allways have a more poppish approach, but can still be quircky and is great fun to do as well.

In the last couple of years Sune have been writing music for commercial for "Det Kongelige Teater", "Amnesty International" and TV-programs as KONTANT, Camillia Plum "Krudt & Krydderier", Camilla Plum "Den Sorte Gryde" and "Mig & Min Mor".

"WHAT THE CAR" trailer, 2023


"WHAT THE BAT" trailer, 2022


"Speak No Evil Trailer", 2021


"Dengang Danmark Lukkede Ned", DR / Buster festval, 2020


"Sweeney Todd" musical commercial, "Det Kongelige Teater" 2019

"What The Golf" video game teaster, Triband, 2018


Amnesty International, 2017 


Keyboard Sports video game teaser, Triband, 2016

Here is a collection of different tunes made for TV and others media that is often lighter and more rythmic than the music for cinema.