Sune "Køter" Kølster:
Composition, Lyrics and Vocals

Troels Drasbech:

Christian Olesen:


Produced by:

Flemming Rasmussen

Guest appearance:

Andy La Rocque
(King Diamond)
on guitar

Peter Peter (Sods, The Bleedergroup) on guitar

Anders Koppel (Early Savage Rose, Bazaar) on organ

Mads Heldtberg (Düreforsög, The Bleedergroup) on guitar

David Kampmann (Baal, The Deepers) on guitar

Joachim Svensmark on guitar

Anders Theilmann (Guddommelig Galskab, Dygtig Hund) on guitar

Danny Bo Pedersen (Texas Cakewalk) on guitar

Benjamin Koppel on saxophone

Molly Kvist Koppel on Backing Vocals

Povl Kristian Mortensen (Hotel Hunger, Lars H.U.G., The Bleeder Group) on piano

Christoffer Jespersen (Pink Floyd Project) on piano/70s synth

Samuel Lundström on violin and viola

Live Johansson on violoncello

Coverart by Sara Koppel



Former members of J.S.Fuck:

Hjalte Amundsen

Mads Heldtberg

Mads Wegner

Nicholas Hill

"Set på TV"
& The Hippies From Hell
Vinyl LP + digital download 2007

Sune "Køter" Kølster &

Double Album (2xLP) COMING UP 2016

(Write sune(a) for ordering an album)

“THE ROCKHISTORY” is a upcoming Rock Opera album from underground veteran Sune “Køter” Kølster, produced by Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Morbid Angel, Gasolin, Sods etc etc), and with guest stars as metal guitar legend Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Death) punkpioneer Peter Peter (Sods, Bleedergroup), psychedelic organplayer Anders Koppel (Savage Rose, Bazaar) and many more, they will draw the listener through rock history from rock’n roll to extreme metal.
We follow the spirit of rock where it is always fresh, new and rebelious: From the innocent teenage rebellion in the early rock’n roll, over the psychedelic and progressive rock’s quest for utopia, to punks creative explosion and the point of no return, where rock begins its journey towards the dark abyss of extreme metal where the last frontiers of rockn roll is crossed...


The music have been recorded in Sweet Silence Studio with Flemming Rasmussen behind his legendary Trident mixer, performed by he J.S.Fuck project consisting of Sune “Køter” Kølster on bassguitar and vocals, Troels Drasbech on drums and Christian Olesen on guitar.
Through 2015 guest musicians as the above mentioned as well as Mads Heldtberg (Düreforsög) David Kampmann (Baal, The Deepers), Anders Theilmann (Guddommelig Galskab) and a handfull of other great musicians, have been recording to catch the different rock epochs on the album.

You can listen to some of the songs HERE:

THE ROCKHISTORY is partly financed through a kickstarter campagn (formerly the title was "The Rock History Through J.S.Fuck") where a lot of people contributed by buying the album in advance. You can still join, write an email to sune(a) if You want to be sure of getting your hands on the first press. Here is the video from the kickstarter:


“THE ROCKHISTORY” is Sune “Køter” Kølsters 8th album (13th if You count combilations and EPs)

You can read more about the project on THE ROCKHISTORYs succesfull Kickstarter here:

For listening to a handfull of the songs from the album go to and type in Your code (if You dont have one please write for one)

Contact:, tel
+45 27930132

For discography and more info please visit:



J.S.Fuck startet out as a brainchild of composer Sune "Køter" Kølster around the turn of the millenium. Playing around in squattet houses and trailerpark one day with his infamous hardcore punk band Guddommelig Galskab, while analyzing and composing fugas the other in his musicology study of University of Copenhagen, he wanted to combine the beauty and artistic complexity with the balls of hard rock, and combining the name of Johan Sebastian Bach with the attitude of hardcore punk, J.S.Fuck was born.

In 2004 Sune moved out of the city in a country side exile to dedicate all his time to composing, and out of this came a handfull of songs that he first played with Danni Storm (Guitar), Danni Bo (Guitar) and Marc (Drums) from the local harcore punkband "Under Al Kritik" and Hjalte Amundsen (Bass).

In 2005 Sune moved back to Copenhagen together with Amundsen, where they formed "The Hippies From Hell" together with Troels Drasbech (Drums), Mads Wegner (Guitar) and Mads Heldtberg (Guitar).

In 2007 the album "Set på TV" came out, a satirical concept album showing the pre 9/11 western world at its worst, through the eyes of a right wing private TV channel. Besides the mentioned musicians the album had a couple of guest musicians, like the legendary punk guitar player Peter Peter Schneidermann and the hardcore rapper Clemens.

Before beginning playing live Wegner and Heldtberg was followed by Christian Olesen (Guitar) and Nicolas Hill (Guitar) and "The Hippies From Hell" went on tour around Denmark, while Sune began to write on his new album that should be a rockn roll epic album about the history of extreme rock, that became the extreme rock opera "Sex, Drugs & Rockn Roll" that was performed once in the beginning of 2010, but before the songs was recorded the band broke up.

In the next years the J.S.Fuck project was on hold, but Sune was continuing writing on the extreme rock songs, and changing some of those songs he didnt see fit into the album that more and more moved against the dream of the best epic extreme rock album: "The Rock History Through J.S.Fuck".