Sune "Køter" Kølster (b. 1976) produces film music that combines the art of classical composition with the energy and edginess of the extreme underground music scene in Copenhagen he is coming from:
Operating with the extremes of human nature has always been his approach to composing, touching people deep in their hearts his aim, and utilizing all compositional means necessary his technique.

With this approach since the beginning of his career, he have been composing music for numerous film, and it has granted him the danish music critics prestigeous "Bodil" (as one of only 4 composers since 1948), the danish publishers "CARL AWARD", both for the score for the notorious and internationally succesful "Speak No Evil" by Christian Tafdrup.

With a masterdegree in Filmmusic, a bachelor in Musicology, writing for symphonic orchestras, ensembles and musicians on an international level as well, working with top-international level classical musicians, as well as recording noizy guitars and local musicians in his own studio, he tries to give each film the soul it deserves.

Starting out in punkrock, moving through extreme metal and rock, greek rembetiko, middle eastern vocal improvisation, and now working with classical / contemporary music - where he have developed techniques writing in the unique field between classical / modern composition and arabic / middle-eastern tonality, Sune is having a great musical vocabulary for setting the right mood in his filmmusic.